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Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are more natural forms of hormone therapy. They are made from natural sources, but more importantly, they match the same hormone molecules that are natural to the human body. BiEst is the most common form of bioidentical estrogen and is made up of a combination of estradiol and estriol. These two estrogens are used together in a specific ratio that enhances their safety and reduces the need for higher doses of stronger forms of estrogen. Natural progesterone is very different from the synthetic progestins like Provera that are commonly used in conventional hormone replacement therapy. Natural progesterone does not increase the risk for breast cancer like the synthetic progestins do.

Conventional HRT stops at estrogen and progestins while bioidentical HRT can include two further hormones, DHEA and testosterone. Both are natural to women’s bodies and replacing them can enhance weight management, energy, and libido. Muscle strength and bone health are also enhanced with these two hormones. The dose of bioidentical hormones is very individualized, and the level of each hormone can be changed separately to optimize the response.There are also many forms thatbioidentical hormones can be made in, from creams, pills, sublingual drops or lozenges to implanted pellets. The range of options allows each person to have the right doses in the form that works the very best for them.