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Frequently Asked Questions

I strive to offer as much guidance and assurance throughout my patients’ experiences with naturopathic healthcare, and of course each person is an individual, so quite often there’s no one definitive answer.  That said, here are some of the questions I find patients asking most often.


Coronavirus update: I am doing both in person and telemedicine visits. You can come in person for supplement pick up or we can ship out supplements. Call the front desk for help 503-230-0812

Financial & Insurance

How much does saliva hormone testing cost?

A full adrenal panel costs $150-200.  A panel to include hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in addition to adrenal hormones is $250-300.

How much does food sensitivity testing cost?

A standard IgG food antibody panel for 96 foods is $200. which includes all the blood draw, and handling fees in addition to the test.   It gives us more information to add another antibody called IgA.  It’s best to eat a variety of foods for a couple of weeks prior to the test.

What does transgender hormone therapy cost?

Insurance will cover hormones in most cases, and without insurance, injectable testosterone is about $20 a month. Since estrogen and spironolactone are on the $4.00 generic list at many pharmacies, estrogen is usually $8 and spironolactone is up to $32 a month.  Patches are more costly.  

What naturopathic tests are covered by insurance?

Most standard testing like cholesterol, glucose, blood chemistry, and thyroid is usually covered.   Food sensitivity tests are not.  Saliva hormone panels may or may not be covered, but blood hormone tests usually are.  However, adrenal testing is best done with saliva, so is not generally covered.

What will my insurance cover?

Insurance may cover visits, and some lab tests, but first please check to see if your insurance policy includes naturopathic visits and how much your deductible is. Remember that the deductible is what your policy says you have to pay out of pocket before they will start to cover charges. Sometimes a wellness visit or physical is not subject to the deductible. It’s always really wise to call your insurance company to find out these things prior to the  visit.

Prescriptions and Naturopathic supplements

What if I can’t get in during office hours to pick up my supplements?

We can mail them out to you!

How do I get supplement refills?

Call the front desk and tell us which supplements you need, by name (and brand if you can). Then we can get them ready and call you back..  If you stop by, we may not have something in, and it would be a wasted trip.

How do I get prescription refills?

Call your pharmacy and they will fax us the request.  Then give us 2-3 business days to refill it for you.  I will let you know if you are due for a visit or a lab test, but will usually be able to give you a refill in the meantime.


What naturopathic tests do you do?

There is a wide range, including food sensitivity tests, hormone tests, adrenal tests, genetic tests for drug metabolism pathways, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (for irritable bowel symptoms), stool testing for parasites, digestive function,  MTHFR gene, cardiovascular risk testing, and heavy metal tests. These are the most common ND tests.

Can you do my pap smear and sexually transmitted disease screens?

Absolutely, just check with your insurance to make sure that ND’s are covered for this service.  Incidentally, screening pap smears are now recommended only every 3-5 yrs.

What to expect

How long are appointments?

First visits are 60 minutes and return visits are usually 30 minutes.

What do appointments cost?

If there is no insurance involved, then we offer a cash discount.  With the discount, most first visits are about 260. and return visits are about 125.  Discounts for some lab tests can be provided.