Specialzing in holistic primary care, transgender health care and hormone transition.


Patient Advocacy for Pay Parity in Oregon

Here is the link to the facebook group in support of NDs https://www.facebook.com/groups/288938176488325/

Telemedicine Options

Due to the current coronavirus situation, I am not seeing patients in the clinic, but we can have a telemedicine visit on your computer or smart phone. Call or text me to schedule at 503-753-6533. It’s an easy way to get care and still stay safely at home.

Compounded medications are at risk

Individualized compounded medications containing safe, natural ingredients such as turmeric, nettle, licorice, or chondroitan sulfate are at risk of being banned by the FDA. You can buy it in a store but the ability for a compounding pharmacist to include it in a personalized medication is at risk. Comments and donations are helpful in the…